The house is located in Multiva inside the Valley of Aranguren, that you will find in the Zona media of Navarre. It is in the southwest part of the Cuenca of Pamplona.

The valley is formed by Aranguren, Góngora, Ilundáin, Labiano, Laquidáin, Multiva, Tajonar y Zolina. You can find them bordering the Eastern side of the Sierra de Tajonar.

Flowing through the valley is the river Sadar, it’s spring in the heights of the Sierra de Aranguren. It is 15km in length.

The capital of the valley is Mutiliva, where you can find the Town Hall and all services including, buses, taxis, cash machines, health centre, pharmacies, restaurants and supermarkets, etc.

It is close to the airport in Noain, the train station and buses too. You can also find less than 100km away the cities of San Sebstian and Vitoria.

The house is surrounded by agricultural fields and these are in turn are surrounded by the mountains of the valley of Aranguren, which allows us to take lovely hikes and bike rides etc.